McHale Balers and Bale Wrapper products are recognised for their high output & reliable performance.

McHale manufacture a range of fixed and variable chamber round balers, square bale and round bale wrappers, the Fusion integrated bale wrapper or combination baler wrapper and a range of round bale handling, bale splitting and silage & maize block cutting equipment.

McHale have been manufacturing high quality agricultural equipment for over 20 years, and throughout that time a conscious decision has been made to concentrate on the development of high output balers and bale wrappers. The main focus of the business revolves around providing practical solutions for farmers and contractors in the production of round baled silage, haylage, straw, hay and square baled silage.

Farmers use the McHale range of balers, round bale wrappers and square bale wrappers in the production of high quality fodder. McHale round balers, bale wrappers and integrated baler wrappers can be seen operating in 40 countries around the world which include Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Canada, USA, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

McHale use specialist technologies in the design and development of their baler and bale wrapper range, which deliver higher output, more cost effective baling and wrapping solutions, making them the professional choice.

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McHale Baling Machinery