New Holland Agriculture

New Holland Agriculture is a truly global brand, incorporating the knowledge and expertise of companies that have changed agriculture around the world and throughout Ireland.

New Holland has built on these assets to create the widest agricultural equipment range in the world, serving the needs of all markets and customers.

New Holland can rely on a tractor manufacturing network that spans the world. The New Holland agricultural machinery distribution network of about 3,000 dealers ensures our customers in 160 countries around the world receive the purchasing advice, products and services they need for the success of their farming business.

Our Values: Innovative, dynamic, smart

INNOVATIVE. It is about being a driver of change in the way we work, live and connect to others. It is about being a forward thinker, never satisfied with the way the things are. Everything can be done better, day after day. Over 100 years in New Holland’s history are there to prove it.

DYNAMIC is a vivid expression of the passion, the commitment and the positive approach that New Holland puts in everything it does. It is about keeping our eyes open to capture new opportunities, deeply living with our present, but always looking for the next challenge.

SMART is a distinctive character for New Holland. Through the widest range of products, our intelligent and sustainable use of technology, our best price/equipment ratio, New Holland sets itself as the smartest choice in agriculture.