Two basic models

New Holland offers two models of Roll-Bar™ Balers: the Model BR6080 and the Model BR6090. The dimensions of the bale they produce are the same which means that the difference is determined by your specific requirements: the number of bales you have to roll, the width of the swaths or windrows, the use of the bales for silage, hay or bedding purposes or your need to pack the silage as quickly as possible after rolling..


The Roll-Bar™ system,

rely on it Whatever the model or specification of the Roll-Bar™ Baler, rotation bars, which become embedded in the bale, ensure positive turning. This allows the rolling of any crop, whatever its condition, whatever the bale density required..


Perfect bale shape

A heavy-duty floor roll provides a sure start for the bale, supporting it and ensuring excellent appearance with good weathering characteristics by gentle but firm rotation during the formation process. The core of the bale is softer than the outside for good aeration.leading ability..


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