CX5000 & CX6000 Elavation


The styling of the New Holland CX5000 and CX6000 Elevation combines bear a strong resemblance to the New Holland flagship combine range with which they share high output levels and outstanding performance. Professional users enjoy operating a harvester that is built for the years to come, thanks to the advanced technology and a high degree of automation.



There is always a CX Elevation model that fits your operation. There are two CX5000 Elevation models with five straw walkers and two CX6000 models with six straw walkers. All feature a 60cm drum diameter and can be specified with 2-drum or 4-drum threshing technology. Power is supplied by Tier 4A compliant common rail engines offering maximum power of between 258hp(CV) and 333hp(CV). The standard Smart Sieve™ system eliminates the effect of side slopes of up to 25% on both sides and the standard Opti-Fan™ system adjusts fan speed in line with the fore-aft inclination of the combine. High-Capacity and Varifeed™ grain headers up to 9.15m are available as well as five, six and eight-row maize headers.


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