Storm Force Kit 68 Piece Air Tool Kit

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Storm Force Kit 68 Piece Air Tool Kit

An indispensable air tool kit, designed to provide all the essentials required for the workshop. Included in the kit is a 1/2” inch impact wrench, 3/8” inch air ratchet, air chisel, die grinder and two blow guns along with a host of specialist accessories. All stored in a convenient blow mould storage case. Display packed.

   1/2” Impact wrench

   3/8” Air ratchet

   Air chisel

   Air die grinder

   Air blow gun

   Air duster

   Retainer spring

   4mm hex key

   Swivel connector

   Tyre chuck

   PTFE tape

   4 x 125mm round shank chisels

   5 x 1" sanding drum

   5 x 3/4" sanding drum

   8 x impact sockets: 12, 13, 17, 19mm, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16"

   10 x mounted grinding stones

   1/4" quick coupler

   7 x quick line female plug

   1/2", 3" long drive extension bar

   Oil pot

   2 x hand wrench

   Mini oiler

   Female & male hose connector

   Both ends male hose connector

   3/8"(F) - 1/2"(M) socket adaptor

   1/8" collet

   1/4" collet

   Male connector

   3/8" rubber nozzle

   Tapered nozzle

   Inflating nozzle

   High pressure nozzle

   Safety nozzle